USDirectExpress: Everything You Need to Know About Your Account

You might be familiar with the trouble of going through the paperwork and other requirements involved in applying for a bank account. The burden is multiplied further if you need to get bank accounts for various purposes, especially if you’re a recipient of federal benefits in the United States. Good thing, you can get the information online via USDirectExpress.


In this guide, we’ll be walking you through everything you need to know about your US Direct Express debit card. We’ll give you some necessary information from getting yourself enrolled in the program to making use of the online services that USDirectExpress has to offer.

Benefits of the USDirectExpress Debit Card

The US Department of Treasury recommends the USDirectExpress Card from Comerica for federal benefit recipients. Getting your federal benefit payments has never been this convenient and straightforward.

1. Easy application

Aside from the stress and worry-free receipt of your monthly payments, USDirectExpress cardholders enjoy a ton of benefits with their cards. To remove the hassle of going through several sites, we’ve listed down the exciting benefits that you can get with your debit card.

As long as you are receiving payments and benefits such as social security, supplemental security income, and VA, you may enroll with the US Direct Express program. Unlike the usual card programs, the USDirectExpress card does not require any other bank accounts or credit checks for you to sign-up for an application.

2. No sign-up and monthly fees

If you’re also a holder of a debit or credit card, you might be familiar with the charges associated with the usage of the card. These include the fees for sign-up and your monthly account.

With the US Direct Express debit card, most services are free. There are no sign-up or monthly fees.

3. Use your card for almost no additional fees

What’s more, most transactions and services that you can use with your card does not require additional fees. Below is a list of the standard free services you can use with your card:

  • Purchases at US merchant locations
  • Cash-back with purchase
  • Automatic deposit notification
  • Automatic low balance notification
  • Web account access
  • ATM balance inquiry
  • ATM denial
  • Customer Service calls
  • Cash from bank tellers
  • Card replacement (One per year)
  • Mobile Application

4. Funds are safer and more secure

Claiming your benefits used to be stressful. Everyone had to go through the hassle of claiming the check from the issuing agency and then get it encashed at your local bank. This process takes up a significant amount of time and energy.

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What’s more, carrying around a check and or large amounts of cash with you subjected your funds to a lot of security risks. With the USDirectExpress debit card, your benefits will be automatically deposited to your card account each month on your payment date.

5. Easy and convenient spending

No need to go through the ATM to convert your funds to cash. Just swipe away your payments and transactions with your US Direct Express Debit Mastercard.

You may use your debit card at any merchant or bank that accepts MasterCard. These include places like grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, doctor’s offices, restaurants, and department stores. You can also pay your bills online or over the phone.

6. Get cashback

When you use your debit card at participating stores, you can earn cashback from your purchases. Getting your cashback is free of charge at participating merchants.

7. Learn financial literacy with PayPerks

Regardless of what stage you are in your life and career, it’s never too late to learn financial literacy. With USDirectExpress’s PayPerks program, you earn points while you learn!

This program works by rewarding you points by taking online tutorials that aim to help you make smarter financial decisions. These points give you a chance to win one of their monthly cash prizes.

Federal Payments and Benefits is Covered in USDirectExpress

Aside from Social Security and Supplemental Security Income payments, the US-US Direct Express Debit Mastercard covers a wide range of federal payments and benefits. Below is a list of the federal payments and benefits that you can have with your debit card:

US Federal AgencyFederal Payments and Benefits
Coast GuardUS Coast Guard
Defense Finance and AccountingAnnuitant Pay
Retired Military Pay
Former Spouse Pay
Department of LaborBlack Lung
Federal Employee Workers Comp
Long Shore and Harbor Workers Comp
Office of PersonnelCivil Service Retirement/Annuity
Civil Service Survivor/Annuity
Railroad Retirement BoardRailroad Retirement/Annuity
The Railroad Retirement Unemployment/Sickness
Social Security AdministrationSocial Security Retirement
Supplemental Security Income
US Department of the TreasuryDC Pension
Veterans AffairsChapter 33 – VA EDU Post 911 – Post 911 GI Bill
Veterans Compensation and Pension
Veterans Education MGIBVeterans Education/Selected ReserveVeterans Vocational Rehab and Employee
Chapter 35 – VA DEP EDU ASST – Dependents Assistance Program
Chapter 1607 – VA EDUC REAP – Reserve Education Assistance
Veterans Health AdministrationCompensated Work Therapy
Veterans Health Administration
Veterans Medical Research

Sign-Up for a USDirectExpress Card

Signing up for your own USDirectExpress card is convenient and straightforward. As long as you are a recipient of the federal benefits and payments listed above, you can sign-up for a card account.

You may call the toll free line of the US Direct Express card enrollment center via 1 (800) 333-1795. The enrollment center is open from 7:00 AM CST to 7:00 PM CST, from Mondays to Fridays. You may also visit your local federal paying agency.

Looking for Your Card Account Number

Your card account number is the digits embossed on the front of your card as shown below. It is one of the most important details in your card.

How do I find my USDirectExpress account and routing numbers?

Unfortunately, US Direct Express does not make their account and routing numbers publicly available for their cards. You cannot make any other payments aside from those indicated below.

USDirectExpress debit cards are used for the automatic transfer of federal benefit payments. Except for returns for purchases made with the card or prizes from your PayPerks, no other types of payments can be deposited to your card.

Activating Your Card

Before you could use your DirecExpress card, you must first activate the card. You may activate your card using the two methods described below:

1. Activate and Register Online

Online registration is only available for cards with card numbers beginning with 5115 63. When you have accessed the USDirectExpress website, look for the Activate/Register widget that will look like the following. Just enter your card number and click on the Activate/Register button.

2. Contact the Customer Service Department

You may also activate your card by contacting the US Direct Express Customer Service Department. The contact number for customer services printed at the back of your card. 

Registering Your Card Online

Before enjoying the online features of your new US Direct Express debit card, you must first register it online at the USDirectExpress website. We provided a list of steps below to help you with your online registration.

  • On your computer or mobile device, open your web browser
  • Go to the USDirectExpress website by going to their website.
  • You will then be taken to the US Direct Express home page. You will then see this widget on the page:
  • Look at the starting numbers found on the front of your debit card
  • Select the one matching on the screen and click Proceed to Login
  • Depending on the starting digits of your card, you will be redirected to different login pages

Cards with 5332 48 Starting Numbers

The launch page depends on the starting numbers of your card. If your card starts with the numbers 5332 48, follow these stpes

  • Click on the Create New User
  • You will then be redirected to the registration page that looks like this:
  • Enter all pertinent details on the fields provided. These details are:
    • Card number
    • Security code
    • Social Security Number (SSN)
    • Zipcode
    • Email address
    • User ID
    • Password
  • Review all the information that you have typed in
  • Click Submit

Cards with 5115 63 Starting Numbers

Meanwhile, if your card starts with the numbers 5332 48, you will be taken to a page that will look like this. It looks different from the first but bears the same features.

  • Scroll down and look at the bottom left corner of the page
  • You will see the Activate/Register Card widget
  • Enter your card number
  • Review the number that you have typed in
  • Click on the Activate/Register button

Logging In to Your USDirectExpress Card Account

Logging in to your US Direct Express account online is simple and convenient. We’ve made a step-by-step guide below on how to access your account online.

  • On your computer or mobile device, open your web browser
  • Go to the USDirectExpress website by typing in on the address bar
  • You will then be taken to the US Direct Express home page.
  • Look at the starting numbers found on the front of your debit card
  • Select the one matching on the screen and click Proceed to Login
  • Depending on the starting digits of your card, you will be redirected to different login pages

USDirectExpress Cards with 5332 48 Starting Numbers

If your card starts with the numbers 5332 48, this is what the login page would look like. It is simple yet functional.

  • Type in your User ID on the field provided
  • Click Submit

USDirectExpress Cards with 5115 63 Starting Numbers

If your card starts with the numbers 5332 48, then follow these steps –

  • Type in your User ID on the field provided
  • Enter your password on the field provided
  • Click Login


How to transfer my USDirect Express funds to Bank of America in New York?

You may transfer funds from your US Direct Express card account to your personal US bank account. A small fee of $1.50 is charged for each fund transfer made. To transfer funds, call the Customer Service Department number found at the back of your card. You may also visit the US Direct Express website.

If asked by the customer service representative, the routing number for Bank of America in New York is 021000322.


We’ve discussed some of the basic things you need to know to enjoy the features and benefits of your USDirectExpress card. We hope that this guide has made your banking more straightforward, more convenient, and more secure.

What is your personal experience with USDirectExpress? Have you encountered any problems or issues with your card? Leave a comment below, and we will get back to them as soon as we can.

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